Corporate Overview

Smile Brands Group Inc. is the largest provider of support services to general and multi-specialty dental groups in the United States based on number of dental offices.  We provide comprehensive business support services, non-clinical personnel, facilities and equipment through our exclusive long term agreements with affiliated dental groups.  Our services support more than 1,300 dentists and hygienists practicing in nearly 350 offices nationally.

Our Business Model

Our consumer-driven retail model is guided by the principle: “Smiles for Everyone”.  This model attracts patients to affiliated dental groups by combining strong, recognizable brands, highly visible retail locations and extended office hours with affordable and comprehensive dental care.  Utilizing our model, dentists spend more time caring for their patients and less time on the administrative, marketing and financial aspects of the dental practice, while benefiting from a lower cost structure.  The lower cost structure provides affiliated dental groups greater flexibility to price their dental services competitively within their local market.  The affiliated dentists and hygienists offer comprehensive, convenient and high quality dental, hygiene and specialty services such as orthodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics and pediatrics. 

Affiliated Dental Groups

Affiliated dental groups operate primarily under one of three brand names, Bright Now! Dental, Castle Dental or Monarch Dental and offices are typically located in highly visible retail centers in some of the largest and fastest growing markets in the U.S.

Affiliated dental groups are operated by legal entities organized under state laws as professional corporations or PCs.  Each PC controls a single dental group which employs or contracts with dentists, specialists and hygienists to provide dental services in multiple offices.  Each PC is wholly owned by one or more licensed dentists.