Mission and Values

Smile Brands Mission

Give providers and their dental teams the freedom to put patients first, so that they can become the most preferred dental office in their community.

Our High Performance Behaviors

At Smile Brands and the affiliated dental practices, we believe that how we achieve results is just as important as what we achieve. These are the four behaviors that guide our interactions with patients and each other.

Earn Trust
We earn trust by delivering on our commitments and acting with integrity. Trust is not granted; it must be earned.

Take Accountability
We take individual and shared accountability for success. We work together across functions and boundaries to get the job done. 

Execute with Urgency
We do not let “perfect” stand in the way of better. We also execute with excellence, by paying attention to details and carefully following procedures.

Listen & Learn
We listen and learn from patients and other stakeholders. We also listen to and learn from colleagues so that we leverage our collective knowledge and experience and avoid mistakes.